30 Day Shape Up & Slim Down

About 30 Day Shape Up & Slim Down

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    Developed by Million Selling Fitness Pro, Jaime Brenkus, creator of the “8 Minute Abs series”, the 30-Day Shape Up & Slim Down program has helped millions of people lose millions of pounds and inches.30 Day Shape Up & Slim Down features an unbeatable combination of fitness and food weight loss and inch loss plan that unleashes a mix of youth-enhancing hormones making you look younger, feel better, relieve pain, and bring back your energy, focus, and drive. And in 85% less time than regular exercise!

    Jaime’s revolutionary new “calculated” approach gets you into shape, turning back the clock and allowing you to get your “old self” back, but in a FRACTION of the time previously thought possible.

    It’s time to put an end to struggling because you’re exhausted and confused from trying all the different options out there to boost your metabolism and burn more body fat.

    30 Day Shape Up & Slim Down

    This program is uniquely designed for YOU. No loud pounding music, no aggressive intimidating trainers, no unrealistic routines or expectations.

    You’ll receive the most specific, step-by-step instructions ever in a complete ‘fitness and nutrition prescription’ by Jaime Brenkus that virtually guarantees your success.

    This is a real program, for real people, who have real schedules, real lives, real commitments, and want real RESULTS!

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