CCH Foundation

30 August 2021

C.C.H. Medical Foundation has long been working diligently to promote innovative and reformative medical education through the Internet and various educational programs, hoping that Yuan Shi Dian (YSD) is able to alleviate and eliminate suffering from diseases and illnesses of the people. To date, many people have been relieved from the suffering of diseases and illnesses, bringing back smiling faces to their families. Nevertheless, there are still millions of people desperately in need of help from YSD. C.C.H Medical Foundation will continue to do its best and be fully committed to promote YSD and educate people worldwide. We sincerely invite you to join us in promoting YSD to all corners of the world, helping people overcome the fear of diseases and illnesses, lowering the enormous burden of medical expenses in every region and country as well as living a comfortable and healthy life. If you agree with this vision, let us cherish this golden opportunity by working hand in hand and contribute to this medical innovation and reformation.

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